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Ralph works for you, not the Lenders

Working for you, not the Banks

Markets Served: Toronto, York Region, Mississauga, Durham Region, Bradford, Barrie and Innisfil

As a Mortgage Broker, my job is to seek out all of the options available from a range of finance providers. Each home purchasers' needs are unique, which is why I take the time to listen to your specific situation before presenting you with your best choices from the most appropriate Lenders. There are a host of innovative mortgage products on the market today that enable consumers to become homeowners.

Mortgage Lenders have come up with a wealth of new products to meet the affordability requirements, cash flow needs, and risk tolerances of a range of borrowers. My job is to sort through all of these products and make sense of them for you. Perhaps you are happy with your current mortgage and have no need to refinance at this time, but if you know a prospective homeowner who is interested in finding out what kind of financing they would qualify for, I would be happy to sit down with them and explain the full mortgage and financing process. It's important they understand all of their options, and all of the costs involved. From the initial down payment on a property through to their final Mortgage payment. Specialties: Residential and Commercial Mortgage Financing.

Ralph Covello

Ralph Covello

Mortgage Broker

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